Boosting Your Immune System to fight Covid 19


The last few months have seen some frightening situations as Covid-19 seems to kill some and pass others by with only minor symptoms, so does this mean Boosting Your Immune System to fight Covid 19 is the way forward?

In the current climate of pandemic and lock-down there is nothing more urgent than maintaining our health by any means possible. In the absence of hard scientific fact we are left with guess work and social distancing.

While this my be slowly having the desired effect of flattening the curve, some countries starting to relax restrictions, we are still stuck with the “New Normal” until we have a safe and effective vaccine. And who knows when this will becomes a reality?

What the Heck is Covid-19 Anyway?


Coronaviruses or “Cov” is a sizable family of viruses known to transmit from animals to humans, causing anything from mild coughs to serious illness like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

COVID19 named as a covid from coronavirus and 19 from date of identification 2019 is a new strain of coronavirus previously not identified in humans. This strain can cause minor issues in some and fatal illness in others such as pneumonia or severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Where Did Covid-19 Come From?

There are some conflicting ideas about the origin of the Covid-19 from the Chinese accidentally releasing the virus from secret labs, the introduction of 5G data networks, and transmission from wet markets from bats to humans. At this point point there is no definitive explanation, although the wet market would seem to be the most logical due to China’s history with poor hygiene and unsafe culturally based eating habits. Basically, it’s happened before bit with less destructive results.

How Can Anti-Ageing Theory Help?

Based on what we know now, it looks like the virus is indiscriminate in its ability to kill. But in the early stages it was seen that the virus was killing both the aged and those with underlying medical conditions. Since this time we may have been seeing younger fitter people taken fatally ill, so what can be happening?

In the absence of scientific evidence we have to carry on with the social distancing while we wait for the vaccine, but perhaps there is something we can be doing for ourselves minimize our chances of developing serious illness if exposed to the virus. It has long been known the immune system is our first line of defense against both new and old enemies, so is it possible those people with underlying medical issues, and those in older age where suffering from a compromised immune system, thereby allowing the virus to attack unchallenged?

At the moment nobody has the answer, not least me. Having said that, there is no harm suggesting a healthy immune system can help you fight against infections, after all, this is its only purpose.

Accepting this fact may be a small step in the right direction. Consider working to improve your immune system and the benefits it can bring. Even if it does not protect us 100% from the Covid-19 virus, how can it hurt us to be as fit as possible in order to fight for our lives if the worse case scenario?

Flattening The Curve

flatten the curve

In most countries around the world the curve has been seen to be flattening out which is great news. The danger now is a phase two infection if lock-down restrictions are lifted too soon, so only time will tell this side of the story.

As we slowing come out of lock-down, waiting for the vaccine, there is no better time to start preparing ourselves for the “New Normal” that will be social distancing at the very least, but most likely the implementation of the concept of herd immunity where those with anti-bodies (previously infected) mix with the general population exposing others to the anti-bodies, hopefully creating a group or herd immunity.

This would be the perfect test for a healthy immune system to take on the anti-bodies to produce the body’s natural defense against the virus. So, how do we move forward?

Creating a Super Immune System

Create something

Our immune systems will need to adapt naturally to Covid-19 and that is exactly why its important our immune system is as strong as possible. We have the basic recommendations to protective ourselves against Covid with frequent hand-washing using soap and water, or alcohol-based rubs while maintaining social distancing and avoiding touching our eyes, nose and mouth. Also covering our nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, which strikes me as a tragedy if it takes a deadly pandemic to make people coughing or sneezing into a tissue. This is something parents teach their kids as an infant surely?

The next step is adopting a healthy lifestyle. Sorry but smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not sleeping well, not eating a balanced diet, not taking regular exercise and stress, all put our immune systems in harms way preventing it from repelling an attack from pathogens.

These are just starting points and although they may seem like big steps, it’s really just a good opportunity to get fit and build a healthier happier life. I am not blind to the fact that these changes can be scary, as I like a drink and the odd burger, but I also know it’s a balancing act to live life in a healthy way, and live life in a way that we don’t feel like we are missing out on something.


banana smoothy

I have used the word “intake” to describe what we eat because if I use the word “diet” it sounds like I am telling to what to eat and this is not the case. The immune system works best when it is given all the vitamins and minerals it needs such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin D and B12, which can be found naturally in certain foods. The easiest way to create a super healthy immune system is the treat it with respect and load it up with the minerals it needs but can’t store for any long period of time itself.

This is really a case of knowing what foods give you what you need in order to be healthy. By now you are no doubt thinking this can not work because you love your comfort food so much , but don’t worry, you can be healthy and allow yourself some of your favorite foods, but just be mindful to have a varied and natural diet or intake. Foe more in formation¬†Feel free to read through my guide to healthy intake here.



For those of you who are way ahead of the curve and already have a specialist “intake” like vegan or vegetarian, you are almost there. For those on a vegan intake you may be missing some important minerals and vitamins if you are not already using supplements to filling the gap left by dairy for example. For those with a vegetarian intake you may be missing elements that you would normally get from animal products.

If you think I am singling out those with different “intake” it’s not the case because I would also suggest supplement use if you are a drinker , a smoker, or an ageing adult. For more information about staying healthy regardless of lifestyle feel free to look through the Compromised Immune System section of my Definitive Guide To Anti Ageing Techniques.

UPDATE! After studying global data from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, researchers have discovered a strong correlation between severe vitamin D deficiency and mortality rates. Read More


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