Weight Loss Supplements For Men That Actually Work

Over the years I have used many different health products with mixed results and I started thinking how I would know which one to choice from without experience, so started asking myself if there were weight loss supplements for men that actually work? I wanted to ask this very simple question because there is one long standing attitude towards weight lose and obesity that insists all you need to do is eat less, eat better, get some exercise, and supplements don’t work. It seems for a large majority this is in fact a valid approach and has worked for many people.

It does not however hold water universally, and it’s not the over eaters living in denial that I am referring to, but those people who have genuine weight issues relating to genes and or other medical reasons such as thyroid issues. The point is, losing weight for some is straight forward while for others it’s an ongoing problem of yo-yo dieting with unhealthy weight gain and loss. So, what’s the truth about losing weight and why it’s difficult.

Let’s look at a few of the ways losing weight is so difficult and offer some ways forward.

No Magic Bullet Or Quick Fix.

magic bullet

You have hurt the expression “time is the greatest healer”? You have also heard “no pain, no gain”, and they are both true. Sorry to break it to you but unless you become sidetracked while single-handedly building a hunting lodge in the forest, the process of losing weight, building muscle mass, and generally getting fit is going to take time and it’s going to be a long process that required a certain amount of dedication and will power. Oh, and it going to hurt.

The more years we have on the clock the more difficult it will be to get into good shape, so with this is mind we need to understand the best approach, and manage our expectations. Just day dreaming about losing a few pounds and building some muscle definition ready for he summer holidays isn’t going to do much, and it will more likely draw you down the road where, it’s okay to have a pizza and start the health routine tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, I know, I have been there a million times.

So the first thing I want to say is this; Don’t run before you can walk, don’t set yourself up for failure. Start small and build whether it’s a diet or a workout session, it’s a temptation to go ALL OUT and basically burn yourself out in the process. Apart from the psychological damage in trying and giving up, you also run a risk of physical injury with drastic dieting and exercise, so start slow and build build build.

The Danger Of Obesity


Without adjusting our behavior as we age the danger is that we continue to behave as we have done all our lives. The problem with this is that over time our bodies can no longer maintain our defenses and continue to clean our bodies of toxins like we are 17 years old. As adults we need different nutrients, or at least we need to have fewer toxins and begin to look after ourselves better.

Years of demanding our bodies just accept what ever we throw down our throats becomes more and more difficult and we start to see weight gain and ill health through diet and lack of exercise. Think in terms of Diabetes and Cardio Vascular diseases which account for a vast percentage of adult ill health in the USA today.

Although it is not generally agreed upon by the medical profession type II diabetes brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise can be stopped and revised with a good diet or intake. It has been argued in many cases that the reason this is the case and medical professionals don’t consider this approach, in favor of medication is one of conspiracy. However, it is just as likely that the approach has remained the same due to one other startling fact. In the years of training a physician undertakes, it is only a number of hours that are tutoring in nutrition. If you couple this with the health crisis of Diabetes and Cardio Vascular and Heart Disease you can start to see a connection.

It may also go some way to explain why many Doctors are constantly disagreeing with each other and end up giving mixed messages when discussing nutrition.

Diet Is Not The Same As Intake

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We will look at Diets in a second but first I wanted to touch on a subject that many people simply don’t think about. When we say we are on a diet it is something that we are suffering, it’s a case of denying ourselves the things we want in order to lose weight. This is a recipe for disaster because it relies on will power to keep to the plan. What if you could throw away the idea of diet and call it “intake”? Then we can look at what we are eating as nutrients we need to maintain a healthy mind and body. It’s a small physiological shift but makes a big difference knowing you are eating the correct nutrients to maintain health and live longer without suffering many on the modern illnesses that plaque the modern world.

Fad Diets Only Frustrate

Where can I start with this subject? Really, the subject of fad diets is an article on it’s own, if not a book. We have all heard a multitude of names given to the next best diet that promises the answers to our dieting prayers. We have even had to listen to people rave about their latest diet and how much weight they have lost, only to see them out it back on, just as often, not see any weight loss at all. So why do we buy into this idea when deep down we know it’s not real?

To my mind it is simply that we are all far too interested in the quick fix and immediate gratification or instant results, but we fail to see our repeating cycle that we go through. With every new plan this is going to be the one works. In some respects some of these diets can be helpful while they are promoting a health “intake” but all too often they are asking us to cut out sections of our intake while not replacing the empty space. So what can be done?

Select A Program The Suits You


We are all different yet all the same so it’s really difficult to know what suits the individual. The only real answer to deciding what your goal is and working towards that goal. Are you wanting to lose weight to be skinny, are you wanting to lose weight and gain muscle, or are you just wanting bulk up with proteins and exercise?

Only you and your doctor know your families health history and potential dangers when taking on a restrictive intake or following an exercise regime. What is good for your brother or sister, or co-worker may not be good for you, so you need to take into consideration your metabolism, activity levels, age, gender, likes and dislikes.

Before moving on to physical exercise it’s a good idea to dial in a broad-ranging plan of nutrition taking into consideration you should always avoid processed foods, fast foods, foods with sugar, salt, and preservatives. The food you should try to include in your intake are the obvious one, fruit, veg, fish, white meats, and full grain food, no extracted food stuffs. If you want to go vegetarian or vegan then look a meat free products or understand that you may need to take supplements to make up for any lost nutrients in a restrictive diet.

Exercise Is Only A Tool

It is easy to think if you exercise on a regular basis you will lose weight. Well, it depends on a number of things. To lose weight just by exercise you need to rely on calorie deficiency and it’s estimated you will need to burn 3,500 calories more than you consume in order to start losing weight. So now it’s time to ask yourself why exercise? Weight lose, Muscle gain? Both? General fitness? These are all valid reasons but when starting out it’s good to understand and manage your expectation of the results.

If exercise is just a tool, then try to work out what you want to use the tool for ,then you can work out which exercise you need to do. There are many workout apps to download from both Google Play and Apple Store that will give you a great idea of what exercise work for your chosen aim.

Regardless of your aim, remember exercise is a healthy thing to do both physically and mentally, as it gives you a cardio workout, develops strength and releases endorphins to give you a natural buzz. It also help you sleep if you find it difficult to drop off.

Cardio Is Essential

Cardio is essential to keep you healthy. It is recommended adults should get 150 minutes on moderate, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity through the course of a week with 2 days of strength training. It may sound like a lot if you are not used to doing any exercise but it so important, it supports the cardio system, joint health and function, boosts metabolism, helps weight loss, and generally keeps you fit, healthy and happy.

Can Supplements Help Me


Depending on your requirements there are supplements that can help in the overall development of a strong healthy body. Image you have decided to make changes for the better. You have planned a diet or “intake” that is delicious and nutritious, and you have started an exercise routine that fit perfectly with your idea of fitness. Let’s say you want to lose some fat, build some muscle and trained your self to distress and found the ability to sleep well at night.

There is a supplement that can help the production of lean muscles, strength and power plus efficient fat burning. It heightens efficiency and performance slowing the ageing process and improves texture of skin and nails. Over all it is a great aid to anyone taking the idea of health and anti-aging seriously. For more information read my review here.

The Take Away

It’s no secret that losing weight and keeping it off is not easy, and it’s also no secret that losing weight can save an individual from poor health ranging from diabetes to Heart conditions and everything in between. Here’s the good news. It’s not your fault, it’s just you have not been told how to do it correctly. To get it right you need to understand it’s a life style thing that requires a change in mindset.

If you starve your body of those things it is used to you will feel cravings and loss. This leaves you heavily reliant on will power to continue.

Moving your mindset from loss to gaining is a better option. That is, the idea that you are not loosing anything but gaining something in the form of reaching goals and improving your health. At the same time retrain your mind to look forward to fruit instead of pizza, as an example. After all, all these craving you have are only cravings because you have taught your self to want these over the years.

Making a healthy choice will serve to improve you life in terms of health, happiness, and longer life.

Depending on your requirements you can eat healthy as a meat eater, a vegetarian, or vegan, although when on a more restrictive diet it is possible you may need addition vitamins or supplements.


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