Natural Remedies To Relieve Stress

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We all experience it to one extent or another so if it’s a universal phenomenon there must be some natural remedies to relieve stress, rather than making poor lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, and comfort eating.

In general terms stress is the bodies reaction to any kind of change that might require a response. It’s a completely normal part of life and can be brought about for multiple reasons whether that’s positive or negative.

These can be changes at work or home encompassing all areas of life from work promotions or project fulfillment, to happy occasions such as a new child or new home with all the worries and variables that come with big events.

The resulting stress can increase until the sufferer experiences physically, mentally, and emotionally stress as the manageable stress becomes a disruptive distress.

Common Effects Of Stress On Your Body

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The human animal is an advanced piece of kit and pretty resilient so not surprisingly it’s build to deal with many dangers included stress. In fact in most cases the individual will not notice stress or stress like symptom because the individual is dealing with changes, and responding naturally without thinking about it.

The point is, the stress trigger is a positive safety mechanism that can alert us of danger and subsequently implement the fight or flight reaction in a dangerous situation.

The problem arises when an individual is under chronic or prolonged stress without any change in circumstances , leading to physical and emotional strains producing feelings of being stressed, over worked and fatigued.

If this situation continues the normal ‘stress’ mechanism starts to breakdown giving way to a state of distress, which can be harmful to the suffer leading to serious physical illness.

Physical Illness
These physical symptoms of distress can vary from headaches and stomach upsets, to more serious conditions like elevated blood pressure, chest pain, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia.

Emotional Illness
The emotional symptoms brought on by distress are just as damaging from depression, panic attacks, anxiety and worry.
Even more concerning is the link between distress and the compounding effect on existing conditions like heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, and even conditions leading to suicide.

Stress is like you are drowning not waving

There is an expression “Drowning, not waving” and that’s ultimately how people suffering from chronic stress feel.

This stress or distress can lead to unusual compulsive behavior manifesting in the abuse of alcohol, tobacco products, illicit drugs, gambling and sex. So, rather than attempting to return to a relaxed state these behaviors actually increase the state of stress, making things cumulatively worse.

This means individuals caught up in this vicious cycle are then locked in to their compulsive behavior where their substance abuse goes unchecked until intervention.

The body and mind are linked so when one suffers so too does the other. Stress in its chronic form chips away at the body’s ability to fight off everyday hardships, meaning the body is working in a weakened state.

Some of the many tell-tale signs of chronic stress are included in this list below;

Poor Sleeping
Cold and Sweaty Palms.
Weight Gain/Loss.
Aches and Pains.
Changes in Appetite.
Grinding Teeth
Racing Heart.
Muscle Tension in Neck/Face/Shoulders
Sexual Difficulties

How Can I Reduce Stress In My Life

Cure stress with happiness

There are ways to approach stress that doesn’t include drinking until blackout but it requires some effort on the part of the sufferer.

It’s really a case of sitting down and being mindful about your situation. It’s similar to CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where the individuals needs to identify and understand triggers that are a precursor to certain behaviors.

The idea is, if you can identify your triggers and your action s then you are able to take control by being mindful or fully aware of your choice of action.

Clearly if the individual can take control this will lead to a happier healthier life.

So What Are The Rules?

The first step is to understand and accept that there are events outside anyone’s’ control so find a way in to a positive state of mind and stay there.

Then start work on how you respond to events. Rather that simply reacting it’s important to develop emotional intelligence so instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive in situations of stress, the best way to react is think then assert you views and opinions calmly with confidence.

To accompany this approach it is important to practice some kind of relaxation program whether that’s Hypnotherapy, CBT, Meditation, Yoga , or Tai-Chi. This will help solidify your mindfulness making is stronger and subsequently make it second nature.

Psychological Approach

If you accept that you are in control over your own well-being you can suddenly realize that you need to look after yourself, so, rather than letting stress take over your life it’s time to take control.

Set limits to protect yourself from outside requests that could induce stress, learn to say NO!

If you have a hobby make some time for it, and if you don’t have one, it’s time to find an interest. This will also help you avoid reliance on alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors to reduce stress.

Now the important thing to do now is seek out social support and spend time with loved ones. If for some reason you find loved ones thin on the ground it’s important not to be stoic and push on like you are John Wayne. Please make the effort to get treatment form a psychologist or other mental health professional trained in stress management. It’s your life and it’s your responsibility to look after yourself the best you can.

Physical Approach

The next step is the physical side of the program and it may surprise you but it’s very simple. A common thread through staying healthy whether that’s mental or physical health it all comes down to physical exercise.

Doing exercise does a number of things that will help anyone feel better. It make the body more resistant to illness and stress, it releases endorphins and releases testosterone, gives you more energy, and at the same time promotes a better sleep pattern.

Marry this with a well balance diet and you are on the way to a healthy happy life.

Natural Supplements To De-Stress

So, you have reorganized your life and no longer in a dangerously stressed or distressed state, so it’s probably time to look at some natural ways to remain stress free.

We still live in a fast moving world so it’s always going to be difficult to remain “chilled out” but there are a bunch of natural remedies that can help.

These herbal remedies have been with us forever, handed down from the Greeks, Celts, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, and Indians over the centuries. While medications such as Xanax, Klonopin, Valium and Ativan can work their effects are temporary and can have side effects, but natural remedies inexpensive, effective and have fewer side effects.

Let’s take a look at some examples;

Anyone for tea? This well known remedy is a no-brainer because it relaxes muscles, calms nerves, reduces anxiety, reduces insomnia, improves digestion and decreases headaches. Wow, a one-stop-shop!

Kava Root
Taken as a tablet or liquid for WebMD claim Kava is effective for anxiety symptoms and thoughts, saying “kava’s calming effect may relieve anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, and stress-related symptoms such as muscle tension or spasm.”

This can be added to bath water of sprinkled on a pillow. Just the smell promotes fast stress relief.

More Tea Vicar? Another tea based supplement that is absorbed in the blood to reach the brain cells, the theanine supports brain health, promotes calmness and boosts cognitive function.

Drunk as a tea or taken as a tablet Valerian is well known to promote feelings of tranquility and peace and helps treat anxiety and insomnia.

The Take Away

There are a number of ways to reduce Stress from renewing mind set, physical exercise, and natural supplements but it’s not just a case of selecting one option. To truly make a difference it’s important to understand that mental health and physical health are vital in the fight against stress and all its symptoms. The next step would be to increase and maintain a healthy, happy, stress free life by using a selection of natural supplements of your choice. With all the information out there, there has never been a better opportunity to recover from stress.

Beat stress with a good attitude



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