GenF20Plus vs HGH X2

Human growth hormone therapy can take a number of forms but if we compare genf20plus VS HGH x2, what are we going to find? HGH is a duel edged sword seen by some as a body building supplement, and by others as an all round anti-ageing health supplement with HGH, Testosterone, and IGF-1 being the main players in today’s market.

With an almost endless number of Human Hormone boosters available the problem becomes choice, so today we are looking at the two most popular products and asking, what are their effects and benefits.

Body Building with Human Growth Hormone.

Looking at these products in terms of targeted use in the gym for muscle growth we see human growth hormone benefits the user by helping build muscle. As the user works out the process of muscle growth is one of muscle damage and repair.

Put simply, as someone works out small rips appear in the working muscles creating damage. It is the healing process that builds more muscle to make repairs that in effect increases muscle mass. So the benefits of human growth hormone on the body is clear in terms of increased ability to repair damage, resulting in gaining mass.

General Use other than body Building.

We can see from this example how HGH can help build muscle but the same process is at work when we want to use the product for general use. General use would mean the maintenance of good health, anti-ageing as the body benefits from an increased ability to repair itself.

Where do Human Growth Hormones Come From?

If you are wondering where do human growth hormones come from in its naturally occurring state it’s in the Pituitary gland. But that is not to say these supplements are not natural products. In fact these booster supplements use natural ingredients to improve your own body’s efficiency in creating and maintaining hormone levels. Just as there are dedicated products to help promote testosterone and IGF-1 release, HGH X2 and genf20plus are designed to naturally increase Human Growth Hormone naturally.

Genf20plus VS HGHx2


As we age the levels of human Growth Hormones drop meaning slow and less recovery from damage and or illness, so human growth hormone therapy in the for of genf20plus has been proven to help. The active ingredients of Astragalus, Pituitary powder, GABA and 13 other elements balance the supply of hormones demanded by the body.

Genf20plus Proven Benefits.

Aids production of lean muscles, strength and power.
Heightens efficiency and performance.
Slows ageing repairing ‘damage’ caused by it.
Aids efficient fat burning.
Improves texture of skin and nails.


The next popular product by Crazy Bulk is called HGH X2 which brings similarly impressive properties. It is widely used for athletic purposes, although it can also bee used as a general anti-ageing all purpose health supplement.

The active ingredients in HGH x2 are from Maca, Mucuna Pruriens and Hawthorn Berry.

HGHx2 Proven Benefits.

Aids in lean muscle growth
Increased muscle to fat ratio
Increased pace to recovery
Contributing to a healthy reduction in fats

How Do They Stack Up?

Both these products are good on paper but you we see in the comparison chart below that there is a clear winner n terms of benefits and Approvals.

Supplement Genf20plus HGH X2
Manufacturers GMP certified manufacturers Crazy Bulk
Delivery Tablets and Oral Spray Tablets
Quantities 120 tablets P/M+Spray 60 tablets P/M
Cost P/M $82.99 $59.99
Active Ingredients L-Tyrosine
Acai Berry Extract
GTF Chromium
Green Tea Extract
Mucuna Pruriens Hawthorn Berry
Pentanoic Acid
FDA Approved Yes Yes
Clinically Proven Yes No
Medical Approval Yes No
Side Effects No No
Refund Policy 60 Days Risk-Free Unopened bottles can be returned within two weeks of purchase

There are a Number of Things Making Genf20 Standout.

The first thing that strikes me about the product are the approvals which take a lot of the doubt out of a potential purchase. It’s also the only HGH to be clinically proven and legalized by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994

Secondly, Genf20 has an advantage of tablet and a spray delivery, working together to provide a multitude of benefits not restricted to strength and mass training but offering all round protection from ageing.

The other thing is the 60 day risk free money back guarantee that you don’t get with HGHX2. Although the HGHX2 is a fantastic product for muscle and power building, it lacks the versatility and risk free nature of Genf20

Finally, it’s the general nature of Genf20 that makes is so versatile as it’s effects and benefits can be enjoyed by both men and women.


The Last Word.

5 stars

My departing words are those of a personal nature. In this review I have tried to be objective in approach to give my readers accurate information that is going to benefit mt readers needs. It’s my belief this has been successful and I have brought you the best and most accurate information, however, it’s also due to the fact I have used the Genf20 plus product very happily that I whole heatedly recommend it. This is my personal approval which I hope you can trust.


Act now and try risk free for 60 days!

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