How To Improve Your Memory


Unfortunately many of us know family members who have suffered from memory loss as they aged, but we don’t have to accept the same condition for ourselves, because science knows How To Improve Your Memory.

The first signs of memory fade can appear as early as your 40s and possible even younger but thankfully that is rare. The first signs can be mistaken for genuine forgetfulness we all suffer from time to time such as a slow recognition of a face, lost keys, or leaving the shopping list at home.

Obviously all these are common and not necessarily a sign of a problem, but should the symptoms continue or become more pronounced, it may be time to take action and look at to ways to improve your memory.

Exercise Your Brain to Improve Your Memory

Medical practitioners everywhere and the makers of Brain Pill all understand the importance of keeping the brain active. The expression “use it or loose it” could never be more appropriate here.

Treat your brain like a muscle and challenge it everyday to keep it in trim with these memory boosting tips courtesy of Brain pill.

Ways To Improve Your Memory


Daily Brain Workout

We all know it’s easy to chill-out in front of the TV, after-all the days can be long and arduous, because not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they love.. We get it…it’s difficult. But look at it this way.

Have you ever sat in front of the TV and either channel surfed or just sat watching something that didn’t interest you? Well, I have, and everything I do, I regret it because it’s just another hour I lost doing something that was not fulfilling, and probably killed a couple of unused synapses.

Push yourself to read a long newspaper article, maybe something that you have otherwise never considered interesting, and get to the end and try to recall the details of the article. Did you understand the complexities? Even if you don’t fully understand the subject or the points the journalist was making, it doesn’t matter. Just by the fact you’re thinking about the details and trying to piece them together, your brain is making new connections or pathways. Your brain is rebuilding itself.

What about crosswords? The same rules apply as you search for the answers you are finding clues, finding correct spellings, piecing complex data sets together and your brain loves it.

The same things apply for the learning a language or an instrument. Regardless of which sides of he brain you favor, it’s only going to improve your brain’s functionality to push it everyday.

Friends Can Help


Did you know depression and stress can lead to memory loss? We are not an island, as humans we need to interact with our fellow humans on an ongoing and intimate fashion. Seeking human company is even more important if you live alone, and if you also work alone things can look a little glum.

At this moment in time and the foreseeable future we are all having to change the we we interact with each other, making it difficult to reach-out for physical connect. This sadly for the time being is something we all have to live with, but don’t forget…..Throughout this challenging time we have seen the very best of people. Sadly, we have seen some stupidity and outright evil, but the main outpouring from over the globe has been one of kindness.

Take this fact and reach out to those around you, no-one in the right mind will think less of you for asking to talk. It could be a good time to start talking to someone you have otherwise been worried about approaching? How about just asking how they are…..it’s possible they are feeling isolated just as you are.

Organization Is Key

It’s always been my mantra. “ If it’s not written down it doesn’t exist“. This says a lot about my slightly obsessive personality but it also say something that I unconsciously understood to be true. That is, organisation helps to keep the mind uncluttered. Basically, if it’s written down I no longer need to think about that subject until it’ needed.

Imagine having a daily checklist. It could be anywhere, on a calendar, on your mobile device with alerts site. You would never forget anything again, and this has a knock-on effect because it leaves you free to think about the other important stuff rather than the daily mundane jobs.

Sleep Well

This is something you will already know well? After a restless night we feel bad, can’t think straight, can’t remember anything, and our tempers are in shreds. It’s no surprises then, sleep is a major contributor to ill health.

We are talking about both mental and physical health here. No sleep doesn’t just make Johnny a dull boy, no sleep makes Johnny a very very ill boy.

The physical symptoms, are tiredness, no concentration, weight loss or gain. The mental symptoms are loss of memory, anger issues, depression, stress.

But the thing is, it doesn’t stop there because every new symptom leads to yet another symptom and before you know it we are talking about stress related heart conditions like heart attacks and strokes.

So it’s important to get the best sleep possible. Some ways of doing this would be to reduce intake of caffeine and nicotine, and sadly alcohol because it doesn’t allow restful sleep when we take too much. We will touch on these later but diet and exercise are also important also.

Other possibilities is to have a regime such as a regular time everyday for going to and leaving the bed. Also, having a dark quiet room, perhaps with white noise or whale noise depending on your preference. Night time remedies like herbal teas, and of course the best one for me is reading a book in bed rather than a mobile device. These devises are known to activate areas of the brain that will prevent sleep….whereas reading a book gives me for example, the challenge of staying awake to finish the chapter.

Healthy Eating

A good diet is not the same as good intake. Diet suggests you can not do one thing, but must do the other.

If you have a good intake you can have everything you like in moderation. What do I mean? This subject is a little out of scope but the main idea is this.

Do eat fresh foods and whole foods where possible, that means don’t consume extracts of products, or processed foods. Poor nutrition is the biggest cause of illness and death in the USA which I have shared with you in previous posts.

Steer clear of sugar and salt and drink plenty of water. The best thing for me to do is to give you the link to Eat Yourself Young which covers all these area. Just follow the link.


Physical exercise will help you a many ways. It will release endorphins which make you feel great, it will burn calories making you feel good. It will make you tired and allow you to sleep better, it will make you body work and feeling better about itself.

You will be protecting your self from many forms of illness brought on by not exercising like Type II diabetes, and cardio vascular diseases. The list is really long so let’s just say, exercise and dietary intake are the to most important elements to maintaining health without intervention.

The Take Away

It’s important that you keep yourself in good shape to stay fit and alert, but sometimes we need a little help whether that’s from our family doctor, friends, or finding help online.

At this point I would like to mention Brain Pill one more time because they are the manufacturer of a natural memory supplement. This is a clinically proven cognitive booster using cnootropics like ognizine, vinpocetine and ginkgo biloba, which increase alertness and blood flow in your brain.

Studies suggest the ingredients in Brain Pill enhance and may even protect memory. They don’t call it “Your Unfair Advantage” without good reason, and better memory is linked to higher cognitive function. Your brain is more efficient with a sharp memory, which gives you better intelligence, and the financial and social rewards that go with them.

To learn more about exactly what Brain Pill is and how it can help, just follow this link to read my article “What is Brain Pill“.


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