Best Anti Ageing Supplements For Men

Best Anti Ageing Supplements For Men

In the introduction What Does Normal Ageing Mean we touched on the idea that ageing is different for Men and Women, so if this is the case how can we know what the best anti-ageing supplements for men are?

Even to begin answering this question we need to drill down into the ageing process of the male gender to understand the forces in play, and the effects on the body as it ages.

Before we get into it this, it’s important that we understand there’s more to improving health and vitality as we age than taking supplements. The first stage in the fight against poor or deteriorating health is a positive mind set, healthy eating and a safe exercise regime, and we’re going to look at all these ideas further down the line.

Some Of The Best Anti Ageing Supplements For Men

All supplements are not created equal

For now, the focus is on the male ageing process and the best ways to minimize the slow deterioration of health as we age, if, we don’t take action. For the sake of this article the phrase “Take Action” is going to mean any action taken to improve health whether that’s taking exercise or supplements, or both.

The bottom line is; supplements can be used and can be very effective but they are not necessarily the ‘magic bullet’ to be taken at the exclusion of other general health activities.

The Stages of Man from Birth to Old Age

Boys to Men How Anti Ageing Supplements Work

Throughout a men’s life he is constantly developing and changing, regardless of what his wife tells her friends. While that was a rather casual and general statement, I think most of my readers can relate to that slightly old fashioned generalization.

Never the less, for this article a man’s life can be broadly broken down into 5 distinct stages in terms of age and life changes. As human’s men and women share a lot of the ageing processes within these same stages but there are specifics that solely relate to men, and their particular human condition.

Stage 1 Infancy; This period is a time of great development where everything from learning to walk, talk, interact with others which is shared by both genders. The formation of gender roles can be seen to establish themselves here prior to the teen years, but of course the jury is still out and arguing when it comes to nature vs nurture.

Stage 2 The Teen Years; The great leap forward as we can all remember, with hormone dictating our every move. The release of FSH, LH, and Testosterone being the driving force behind the behavior of the teenage male. Males continue to grow physically into their 20’s often struggling to find a direction to vent their excess energy, but most finding sport to be an agreeable distraction.

Stage 3 The 20’s; The hormone Testosterone is continuing to be a driving force through the 20’s. This is a time of great social activity combined with the balance of work study and relationships, not forgetting the self-indulgence of late nights’ poor diet and too much alcohol. While at this point it’s best to start developing healthy habits to take into your later life, it is not common place to find this attitude prevailing.

Stage 4 The 30’s & 40’s; The practice of self-care is something to be taken seriously during these years, and while some do take this idea on-board, it is far from universal and can often lead to later life health issues. Entering the 40’s and many men can see the classic mid-life crisis staring them in the face.

This is when we as men start to see changes in metabolism, some weight gain, change in hair color, feelings of stress and general feeling of dissatisfaction towards unfinished or un-attained hopes and dreams. The hormone levels are in decline and things can feel dire in individuals feeling unsatisfied with their progress in comparison to their peers. The hormones that were previously driving confident independent men, Testosterone is in short supply now.

Stage 5 The 50’s and beyond; By this time testosterone levels are dipping and what you felt in your 40’s begins to feel like a holiday. Now’s the time weight gain is easier and losing it means double the effort. Your mid-section starts to resemble that of Homer Simpsons’ doughnut filled belly even though you only had a banana and a coffee all day. The real insult is the concurrent loss of head hair and the appearance of nose and ear hair which comes as some kind of cruel irony.

This is only topped by the increase of Estrogen and Estradiol levels leading to breast tissue, loss of muscle mass and the decrease in sexual desire.

How Can We Turn It Around?

The big question about Anti Ageing Supplements

While it’s important to live healthily from cradle to the grave, this is just not a realistic option and if it was, you may ask “what’s the point of living a long healthy but ultimately boring life?”

So let’s be realistic here. The best case scenario is that as a well-informed man might start to take interest in a healthy lifestyle in his late 20’s to early 30’s which is fantastic, and we’ll call this character an early stage 4 adopter.

Early Stage 4 Adopter

This is the perfect time to prepare for later life. You are fit and healthy and your body quickly reacts to stimulus making it easier to stay in trim and maintain good working order of all your organs. At this stage the routine can be very simple like a once a week work out at the gym, eating a balanced diet and not over indulging in fast foods and alcohol, and certainly steering clear of smoking.

It’s difficult to see why a young adopter in this age group would need supplements at this stage but of course for every rule there is a reason to disregard that rule. As always there are circumstances that make using products in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle a good idea.

For example; depending on the regime, some supplements can work really well and can be quite obvious such as taking protein formulas to help build muscle mass faster, or vitamin C tablets to mitigate living I an office environment with very little natural light.

On the other side of the coin a young man may need to help due to a deficiency of a natural occurring chemical or just need a helping hand with all round good health…a multi-vitamin if you like. There is something for everyone provided the user is in full control and has a good knowledge of the products and their pros and cons, if there are any. Basically, an early Stage 4 adopter should be good to go with standard health regimes, but can consider an appropriate supplements as a way to boost their efforts.

 True Stage 4

Okay so you are in your 40’s and you can’t deny it. Some men still have a youthful look whether that be through clean living or good genes which are something we are definitely needing to talk about soon. It’s unfair but a reality so let’s just accept this a move on to what most of us are going to, or have already experienced in our 40’s.

This is the time we should really start taking health seriously rather than taking our time to accept the real true that we are no longer the young stud we once considered ourselves. It’s now that a few beers too many starts to take a full day to recover from, it’s when walking a mile or two leaves you feeling like you’ve just been run over by a train. You’re still looking good, or at least pretty much the same as before but things are just starting to show through the cracks. Some grey hair coming through, a slight belly where it used to be flat, but that’s nothing a new pair of jeans can’t fix, right?

Sadly, the Testosterone levels are beginning to dip which brings along some unwanted side effects, such as reduced ability to burn calories meaning some weight gain is seen and a general reduction in stamina.

Turning back the clock at this stage is possible but it’s going to take more work than in your 30’s. Much like those in their 30’s, a 40-year-old needs to approach the situation using a similar angle based on appropriate exercise, balanced diet, and an all-important positive mind-set without which, can lead to all the best intentions flying out the window and the bad habits coming back to stay.

In this age group it’s appropriate to start thinking about supplements to help you on your way to better health and fitness, but not products that ‘do all the work for you”, that is just rubbish, because the old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ is true today as it ever was.

What you will need is something to compliment your new regime of exercise and healthy eating that can help with muscle growth, stamina, and general fitness. There are many products out there but not all products are created equal.

True Stage 5

So we finally reach stage 5 leaving us with 50 years and more but I have good news for you because it’s not the end of the road. Have you heard that 50 is the new 40? It may be a soundbite but there is a lot of truth in this. As a blogger I was inspired to write this as I turned 50 because I realized I had a choice ahead of me.

Either continue as I was and just grow old, or mend my sorry ways and continue to have a full life into my golden years. So, you meet me as I made my choice and decided on a program of exercise, nutrition, mental health with positive mind-set, and ultimately the testing and reviewing of health supplements that have been instrumental in the successful turnaround of my failing health.

Less about me and let’s look at what happens when you reach the venerable age of 50+. This is when the small stuff you thought you were imagining when you were 40 is in fact real, but by now it seems too late to do anything about it, right? Wrong!

With some determination, knowledge, and fresh positive mind-set…remember I mentioned mind-set? It’s really important to get with the program and stay with it even when you just want to stay in bed or sloth out on the sofa. I get it…you have been working like a dog and you deserve to sit down with a beer and think of nothing, I promise I’ve been there.

I will level with you, it’s difficult to get in the zone but once you do it’s an eye opener and you find yourself waiting to get up early to work-out. And when you start seeing the results, it’s a life changer.

For the 50+ gentleman a well thought out plan of exercise and a good diet is a great start but at this late stage it’s super important to have positive mental attitude. This can be your natural state and if that’s the case then you are ahead of the curve here. If on the other hand you are suffering from negativity for any reason don’t give up, you are not alone, there are ways to move forward using CBT and Hypnotherapy to compliment the exercise and diet plan. I will go as far to include CBT and Hypnotherapy as a supplement in their own right.

In terms of health supplements for the 50+ the best way is to start with the same approach as the Stage 4 member and customize to your particular needs. As a healthy older person you may not need much help were as a less fit Gent may need a bit of a boost.

Now we have an idea about the ageing process and the build up and decrease of male hormones we have a better idea what we need to replace and when to replace it. All we need to do now understand our own individual needs as we approach our private milestones through life’s journey. This means tailor made solutions depending on your stage of life and health targets.

Common Supplements

Supplements For Men Could Be Common Supplements

Nature Made Vitamin C for anyone of any age when considering anti-aging supplements. A natural antioxidant with the ability to block free radicals associated with the aging process and heart disease, it is popular due to its ability o protect the skin and repair and regenerate tissues to maintain youthful skin.

Moving into the 30’s , 40’s and on wards we can benefit from the full regime and some additional help;

Co Q-10 protects against oxidative cell damage protecting the skin, the blood vessels, and the muscles, and even recommended for heart patients and people with fibromyalgia.

ENERGYbits Spirulina Tablets. Is an Algae based immunity booster is a popular anti-aging supplements due to its many benefits including the ability to act as an  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Heliocare helps prevent both UVA- and UVB-induced skin cell toxicity and DNA damage and can be taken at any age. Derived from the fern plant this strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory may even act as an oral sunscreen

Moving into the 50’s and beyond we will benefit from supplements that offer protection from the more distressing of age related conditions.

Daily Turmeric is very good option for the more mature.  Qualities include heart disease and dementia prevention plus anti-inflammatory. The curcumin in turmeric can be helpful in combating ailments associated with aging, like high cholesterol levels.

Phosphatidyl Serine contains amino and fatty acids that aid in building and protecting cell membranes with particular importance in the brain as it’s been shown to slow the rate of cognitive decline, help with depression, and even improve athletic performance.

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Program contains some tried-and-true ingredients like vitamin C and biotin but it’s the AminoMar complex that makes it unique and effective in the fight against loss and thinning of hair.


If this was helpful or interesting please share with others who may benefit from this post. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me a line.

Thanks for visiting. See you next time.


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